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enlightenMEN invites gay and bisexual men to experience a different way of relating to one another.

There is something called ‘gay culture’ that exists in our society, and it often has some negative connotations. Gay men can often feel peer pressure, or feel alienated not only by their families, but by other gay men. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of places or opportunities for gay men to meet outside of bars and internet hookup sites. This, coupled with the pressures involved with living a life ‘out of the closet’, there is not much opportunity for support and personal development. This leaves many men with a life that is less fulfilling than they deserve, and limits opportunities to experience meaningful friendships.

enlightenMEN wants to change that! We are a group of men who refuse to conform to gay culture. We are a group with diverse backgrounds who come together in an effort to find common ground and develop friendships based on appreciation and respect. We do this by facilitating fun activities from potluck dinners, discussion group, fun weekend trips, and ‘tourist in your own town’ type activities to personal educational opportunities and support in personal physical fitness.

Our membership is based around this conscious connection, bringing together men who want to make a difference in the community. Our social events are opportunities for like-minded men to meet and bond, creating lasting friendships face-to-face

Meet other men who share your values. Make new friends.

Creating opportunities for like-minded men to meet and interact in an uplifting atmosphere.

Communicating with each other with an agreement of appreciation and respecting differences looking for common ground.

Creating community by coming together for food, fun, and philosophy.

Reminding each other of our own power and greatness, holding each other to a higher standard of accountability.